Friday, February 25, 2011

Orangemen and Hoyas: Round II

It's that time of year again. Syracuse and Georgetown. The two teams faced off back on February 9th in the Carrier Dome, a game that Georgetown won. The first time the Hoyas knocked off the Orangemen in Syracuse since 2002. The sun shines even on a dogs ass some days.

The Cuse were seemingly in control that day as the clock wound down, with Syracuse up 53-49 with 5:37 left in the game. Unfortunately down the stretch the then #13 Orangemen only scored 3 more points the rest of the game (all from the foul line) and the #11 Hoyas kept scoring (like most college teams do when the game is 40 minutes long) and as Syracuse's mistakes and missed shots mounted, the end result culminated in a 64-56 victory for the road team.

On that day senior guard Chris Wright had 6 points and 9 assists for the Hoyas on 2 for 8 shooting from the floor. Wright, who averages 13.1 points and 5.4 assists per contest and scored a season high 26 points in South Florida on February 19th, will not be available for the #11 ranked Hoyas Saturday afternoon. Chris Wright suffered a broken left hand on Wednesday against Cincinnati and underwent surgery on Thursday.

Speaking of the game against Cincinnati, the Bearcats went into the Verizon Center and absolutely stunned the Georgetown faithful who assembled at Syracuse's home away from home in Washington D.C. The Bearcats upset the Hoyas 58-46 on Syracuse's 3rd home court, in front of 13,241 fans. No word on whether or not Georgetown restricted ticket sales to Cincinnati fans.

Which brings me to my next point. The Georgetown Hoyas are absolutely terrified of the Syracuse Orangemen. They are so petrified of the Syracuse Orangemen's rabid fan base that they have gone WELL out of their way to not sell any tickets to Syracuse fans.

Frankly, I don't blame them. Next year they will probably wise up and not sell tickets to Cincinnati Bearcat fans either. In fact, any team that beats them at home will probably lose the "privilege" of purchasing tickets to a Georgetown game in the Verizon Center. I guess the Board of Trustees who came up with this hair brained scheme never heard of Stubhub or Craigslist or Ebay?

Additionally, I read online that there will be some 400 level tickets sold for $25 with no student ID required. So I guess that whole "we're not selling tickets to Syracuse fans" plan didn't work out so well? Guess there weren't as many Georgetown fans as the Hoya's banked on when they devised this little scheme of theirs.

As for Syracuse, the Orangemen are coming off a big win in Philadelphia, PA on Monday night against the #14/15 Villanova Wildcats behind a 20 point performance from our own enigmatic point guard Scoop Jardine, a Philadelphia native. Rick Jackson, Scoop Jardine's high school teammate (which I am sure you didn't know), chipped in 18 points 5 rebounds and 4 blocks playing in his final game in his hometown in a Syracuse uniform.

The Orangemen, who don't restrict ticket sales to any fan base, will roll into the Verizon Center on a three game winning streak. A win on Saturday over the Hated Hoyas will go a long way towards securing a top four seed in the Big East Tournament on Syracuse's other home floor, Madison Square Garden.

With so many home courts and so much home court advantage it's almost hard to keep track of them all! Thankfully Georgetown's athletic department administrators are there to keep our houses in order. The Verizon Center may very well not be one of our home floors if they are going this far to keep our beloved fans out.

But I will say this. The Orange clad fans who do make it into the building on Saturday afternoon are going to be revved up and fired up in a way that Georgetown fans may not be ready for. Nothing lights a fire under a fan base like being told that the host school does not want you there.

Hopefully there are so many "Let's Go Orange" chants emanating from the crowd that the Hoyas fans that Georgetown does manage to find have nightmares and auditory hallucinations for a month (which will be longer than I expect Georgetown's season to last).

Be sure to tune into CBS at 12:00PM to catch all the action as the #17/20 Syracuse Orangemen take on the #11 Georgetown Hoyas. As always, be sure to check back in with The Cuse Connection following the game for a complete recap and analysis of the action.

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