Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Carmelo Anthony Era Begins

All the drama is over. The what ifs, the what have you's. The back room wheeling and dealing. The secret meetings and denied rumors. It's all over. Carmelo Anthony is officially a New York Knickerbocker.

We at The Cuse Connection are not going to mull over what the Knicks had to give up and what they got back in addition to Anthony, as that is for other blog's and newspapers to do. I'm sure by now you have read them all, if you so desired.

When you are a little kid, you dream of your favorite college players being drafted by your favorite pro team. I remember being 12 years old and watching the Knicks draft John Wallace. I was real excited. Syracuse had just come off a magical run to the national championship game and now the star of the show was going to be playing for my favorite NBA team.

Since I grew up 30 minutes from NYC, it was a very big deal to have John Wallace in the Garden. Like all kids my age, I was a die hard Knicks fan.

I got numerous John Wallace rookie cards and watched each game waiting for when Wallace would make it on the floor. After that first year he was traded, and although found his way back onto the Knicks roster a few years later, John Wallace could never replicate the numbers he put up in college.

One of the few fond memories of John Wallace in a Knicks uniform was when the Knicks and Heat threw down in the 1997 NBA playoffs and Charlie Ward got flipped head over heels and John Wallace was the first Knick to come to his aid and tackle P.J. Brown.

Fast-forward to today and fourteen years have gone by. The Knicks have been a walking punchline in NYC since James Dolan's family purchased the team leaving him in charge, and the Knicks have posted nine straight losing seasons in a row under his management.

My personal affection for the NY Knickerbockers has certainly been diminished over this past decade or so, however Carmelo Anthony donning the Orange and Blue inside Madison Square Garden might just be the thing this former Knicks fan needs to turn this once big fan's affections around!

It's hard to not be excited by this trade if you live in New York and are a huge Cuse fan. After watching some Carmelo clips from his unreal 2003 Syracuse Orangemen campaign, I got even more excited. Finally, a star player from Syracuse University was coming to play in the Garden for the Knicks, and this time, he's an established star.

We've watched Carmelo bring a NCAA title to a city that needed one cement their legacy as a top basketball school in Syracuse, NY. Now will Carmelo be able to bring a championship to New York City, championship-less since 1972?

After so many close calls during the 90s, wouldn't that be something?

Georgetown's poster boy Patrick Ewing couldn't get it done. Maybe Syracuse University's own will be the man to deliver a championship to the City of New York?

We'll find out, starting tonight.

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