Thursday, January 20, 2011

Syracuse v. Villanova: Bring Your A-Game

With ticket sales for Saturday's showdown between #3 Syracuse and #7 Villanova already past 33,000 fans, one has to wonder how we got here without the obligatory "Beat the Record" t-shirts and banners.

In years past when Syracuse set out to break attendance records there were always t-shirts, bumper stickers, towels, internet marketing campaigns and so on. This year Orangemen fans must have been forced to rely on word of mouth. The closest thing to a "Beat the Record" t-shirt is the "Beat Nova II" t-shirt that has been floating around the internets. As if this was only the second meeting in school history.

In fact, this is the 66th time the two schools have met on the hardwood, with Syracuse holding the edge, 35-30. While Syracuse University hasn't instructed us fans to break the on campus attendance record, with three days to go and less than 2,000 tickets to sell, it feels like it's inevitable.

The only thing this game is missing is an official declaration of an "Orange Out." Which leads me to my next point: WEAR ORANGE TO THE GAME. If you are going to this game, or any game for that matter, be sure to wear Orange. You don't need the athletic department to tell you what color to wear do you?

Well, incase you do, take it from me. Leave your blues, your whites, and especially your grays in your closet (or drawer), take out your trusty orange colored clothing and be sure to represent the right way on Saturday.

Another difference from last year's game is that this game is at 12 noon while last year's game tipped off at a pre-game friendly 9:00PM. That's a nine hour difference. Last year's crowd was on its feet and on the sauce. There were "let's go orange" chants from start to finish. Crowd noise was at a level not heard since Carmelo Anthony put the Cuse on his back.

This year, Syracuse fans will have to go the extra mile. It's easy to pre-game your heart out for a 9PM start. True champions are made in the trenches though. Being a fan isn't all fun and games. Sometimes you have to sacrifice. For a Big East matchup like this, it's important that we as fans replicate the atmosphere last year that ran the Wildcats out of the Carrier Dome.

If that means waking up at 7AM so you can get your tailgate started by 8:30AM, then so be it. The Orangemen have had a history of slow starts at noon tip-offs, and Syracuse can not afford to have one Saturday. In all likelihood, there are going to be over 34,000 fans in the Dome, and it better sound like it!

We're not going to the Dome on Saturday to take a nap or eat a relaxing brunch. We are not going to the Carrier Dome and setting attendance records to merely say "we were there." Students are not sleeping outside the Dome for 5 days in freezing cold temperatures to be seen on TV (hopefully).

So when we do arrive to the Carrier Dome Saturday and find our seats just before tip off, remember we are there to cheer as loud as humanly possible. If you are going to the game to enjoy some peace and quiet, you've gone to the wrong place.


Zach Menchini said...

wise words. seconded!

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