Saturday, December 11, 2010

Where Have You Gone, Malcolm Cater?

At some point this afternoon a message came across my twitter feed saying that syracuse was about to be thin at linebacker, and Malcolm Cater's name was mentioned. Not too long later, a player tweeted that he heard some bad news at practice today.

Sitting on my couch, I wondered what it could be. I searched the internets. Nothing. I looked on various message boards and still no go. I assumed it was some kind of injury that happened at practice. I mean what could possibly have happened?

Finally, around 4:20PM I get a text message saying that Malcolm Cater's name has been taken off the roster on I poked around some more message boards and finally saw some threads about Malcolm Cater.

I'll preface the news saying that you should never believe anything you read on a message board. However, I went to's Football Roster myself and Malcolm Cater has indeed been removed. The story swirling around the internets right now is that Cater ALLEGEDLY (and remember everyone's innocent until proven guilty) broke into apartments on South Campus and ALLEGEDLY stole televisions.

The most shocking part of all this is that one of the alleged stolen televisions allegedly belonged to Syracuse starting Quarterback Ryan Nassib. All we can confirm right now is that Malcolm Cater, Freshman linebacker, is no longer listed as a member of the SU Football team.

More news will be posted here as it becomes available. Photo courtesy of

UPDATE: Syracuse Post-Standard confirms story that Malcolm Cater was indeed arrested for burglarizing apartments on south campus. Cater is due to be arraigned Sunday morning. Doug Marrone has released a statement: "I'm aware of the criminal charges filed against Malcolm Cater by the Syracuse Police Department. Cater is no longer part of the Syracuse football program." Click here for the full report from the Post Standard.

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