Monday, December 27, 2010

Updates from New York City

The Pinstripe Bowl is just days away and a monkey wrench has been thrown into many Syracuse fan's and player's travel plans, to the tune of 12-20" of snow in Manhattan. In Syracuse, a foot of snow is nothing. Even two feet of snow is a snooze-fest, however in New York City, anything over 3" of snow is enough to bring the biggest city in the world to a standstill.

This morning in Central Park there was a reported 20" of snow. Thousands were left without power around the New York Metropolitan Area, and thousands of flights in and out of New York City airports were cancelled. Normal airline service is expected to resume Tuesday, however delays will likely continue for days.

Where does this leave the traveling SU Football team?

Doug Marrone and his staff along with about 20 players took an Amtrak train from Syracuse into New York's Penn Station which arrived yesterday on schedule. They all checked into the team hotel, The Grand Hyatt, on 42nd and Park without a problem. For a team that has been losing players at an alarming rate since the regular season has ended, stranded traveling players are definitely a serious concern!

Head Coach Doug Marrone told reporters that "We may be missing some [players] tomorrow, but they should be here by Monday night." Syracuse has a scheduled practice today, Monday, at 4:00PM at the Timex Performance Center, which is located adjacent to the New Meadowlands [Giants] Stadium.

Kansas State athletes and coaches flew as a team into New York City and were checked into their hotel, The Sheraton Hotel and Towers around 5:30PM. While driving crosstown yesterday, I noticed the team's equipment bus on 53rd Street and 7th Avenue, incase any SU fans want to go heckle the opposing team (encouraged).

There was a scheduled clinic for Bronx youth at Macombs Dam Park which was to be hosted by Syracuse athletes, however it has been cancelled. There was also a pep-rally for the Pinstripe Bowl which was going to kick the bowl-week off at 12:30PM in Times Square today that was also cancelled.

For the Syracuse fans traveling to NYC, be safe. If you are flying, maybe think about driving. Check your carrier's and make sure that your flight or train is on time, and good luck getting to your hotels/destinations!

The Cuse Connection is already situated very comfortably in NYC and will be eagerly awaiting all of your arrivals. Be Sure to follow @CuseConnection all week for updates from the Big Apple, leading up to kick-off on Thursday.

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