Monday, December 20, 2010

Syracuse (11-0) Stays at #5 in ESPN/USA Today and AP Top 25

If any basketball analysts call you up and talk to you about Syracuse's non-conference strength of schedule or how difficult their travel itinerary was, be sure to point this out to them:

Five of the top 10 teams in both the ESPN/USA Today Coaches Poll and the AP Top 25 are from the Big East! Don't let Dick Vitale convince you that the Big 10 (11?) or the ACC is the cream of the crop. It's the Big East, and it has been for years.

No one needs to worry about the non-conference schedule for the Syracuse Orangemen. Once conference play begins, the gauntlet is on!

Duke remains #1, however there are no other ACC teams in sight. In the AP Top 25 Connecticut is the highest ranked Big East program, grabbing the #4 spot, immediately followed by Syracuse (#5) and Pittsburgh (#6). At #8 is Villanova and #10 is the Georgetown Hoyas.

In the Coaches Poll, the 4-5-6 is the same, however Georgetown is ranked #9 in the country.

Rounding out ranked Big East teams are Notre Dame (#22 in AP, #20 in ESPN/USA TODAY) and Louisville (#25 ESPN/USA TODAY, NR in AP Top 25). West Virginia is nipping at the heels of the top 25 in the Coaches Poll, coming in 28th with 32 votes.

Louisville is just outside the AP Top 25 with 124 votes, enough for 26th place. Also receiving votes in the AP Top 25 are West Virginia, Cincinnati and Drexel, Syracuse's opponent on Wednesday.

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Anonymous said...

I'm all about Tomaszewski. That kid can hit a 3. I think The Cuse Connection should do a post to all the great non-scholarship bball players. Maybe a top 10 list?

Michael Isserlis said...

i like where your head's at. i could definitely compile a list of memorable walk-ons from the last 10 years or so. the difficult part about a top-10 list is that it's hard to judge one player's performance versus the others from watching the last 2minutes of a blowout. i'm gonna start brainstorming that one though, good idea.

The Philistine said...

Started to get excited about this team. We're blowing out the garbage schools that used to manage to keep it close. The kids are growing up just in time.