Friday, December 31, 2010

Doug Marrone Delivers for Syracuse

When Doug Marrone took the job as the head coach at Syracuse University, he addressed the Orange faithful at halftime of the Syracuse-Notre Dame basketball game in front of 30,000 fans. "I started my coaching career I had a dream, and every decision that I made, I made with the thought that the end result, that I would be the head football coach at Syracuse University."

Doug Marrone continued "I am here, and my responsibility is to win football games. That is what we're going to do." In just his second year at the helm of the Orangemen football team he once captained, Doug Marrone has done what many analysts and pundits called impossible. Most talking heads around the country looked at our program and said we were finished. The majority of high school seniors knew Syracuse as only one thing, a laughing stock (thanks to Marrone's predecessor Greg Robinson).

However, in a very short amount of time, Doug Marrone has taken this program out of the dregs of college football and transformed the Orangemen back into a competitive, hard nosed, no nonsense football team.

To Doug Marrone's credit, he has done his part. He turned our football team into a winner. After going 4-8 in his inaugural campaign, HCDM has steered the 2010 Orangemen to an 8-5 final record and a 2010 New Era Pinstripe Bowl Championship in just his second year on the hill.

Doug closed his speech inside the Carrier Dome that night by saying "Now, for the people that are going to grow up and be an alumnus like myself, we need to make this place the hardest place to play in the country. We need you, we need everyone. This is our state, our town, our team, and we gotta win. Now! Go Orange!"

This is the fan's moment to respond. Doug Marrone did his part. He gave us back a winner. He gave us back a football team we can be proud of. He took the punchline off our jersey and returned a jersey with pride and passion. Now Syracuse fans need to do their part!

We need to sell out the Carrier Dome. This team deserves it. They deserve 50,000 fans every Saturday. They deserve our support, just like we show our basketball team. The Carrier Dome is one of the toughest venues in the country for college basketball, and it needs to have the same energy and excitement for Doug Marrone's football squad. Let's be honest, 50,000 fans isn't that many. It's not as if we need to find 80,000 fans to turn out to sell out our stadium.

There were a couple home games down the stretch this season where the student turnout was, simply put, DISGRACEFUL. There were two entire sections of student reserved seating that were utterly empty, and on more than one occasion. Even in the days of Greg Robinson's putrid coaching displays the student body had pride in their team and went out to the games (sometimes GROB's ways drove the fans away early but they went to the games every week).

This generation of students needs literally WAKE UP and go to the Carrier Dome. As I said, Doug Marrone upheld his end of the deal. His part was the hardest. He had the challenge of turning a 10-loss team into a winner. All we have to do is watch the games!

There's no excuse for the student turnout we witnessed this season. And it better not happen again.

In Doug We Trust.


Anonymous said...

2 Things...

1st, i wanna congratulate the SU football team! Great win, I think it's esp important to show that we can beat a non-BE team (that played some close, tough games this year). I'm sick of people saying that SU has a decent record bc the BE is so bad.

2nd, I'd like to comment on Syracuse's student section's attendance. Let's get things straight, this isn't LeMoyne or Colgate. Syracuse has the best overall athletic program in the Northeast. Sports is a major part of SU and plays a major role into the school's overall success. Student tickets are $100 for 5 games. These are field level tickets for a Division 1, storied program that plays literally steps away from some students. The attendance in the student section is PITIFUL and is an insult all legends that has played at Syracuse. One game I went to had maybe 500 students in attendance. I hope, in the least, that the students are bandwagon fans and will show their support next year at the Dome.

Michael Isserlis said...

usually i dont like bandwagon fans, but in the case of the football team i'll give them all a pass!!

Anonymous said...

nothing wrong with bandwagon fan. a lot of students come to syracuse actually hating syracuse (aka rob). Some aren't even football fans or understand the sport. The real disappointment is when students leave SU and can still say "no, I'm not really into sports..." Someone failed to show that person the beauty of collegiate sports.