Friday, November 5, 2010

Win and In.

When the Syracuse Orangemen take the field tomorrow, they will be walking into the Carrier Dome with one thing on their mind. Win and In. Sure, Head Coach Doug Marrone will tell us that the team is not concerned with any "four letter words." Marrone will certainly say that the team isn't focused on it.

However, every single fan who attends the game and all the players on the field know what is at stake. Win, and Syracuse is going to be going to a bowl game. Between 2005 and 2009 the only chance a Syracuse Football team had at going to a bowl game was to buy tickets like everyone else. Tomorrow we can change that.

The Syracuse Orangemen football fans who are left, the true fans, the ones who survived the Greg Robinson Era. The fans who took every single loss on the chin. The one's who took each 10 loss season personally. The fans who were kept up late at night screaming out "HOW CAN GREG ROBINSON POSSIBLY COME BACK TO COACH ANOTHER SEASON!" to anyone who would listen. For the fans who actually watched Greg Robinson punt on third down!!

The fans who went to the Dome every week knowing that their team was outmatched, out coached, and out worked, yet still bought tickets. The fans who kept tuning in week after week with a hope that the nightmare would soon end. Those fans are about to wake up to words that people told them would never be possible again.

Syracuse football fans were told that a small private school in upstate New York could not compete with the rest of the college football world. People were questioning whether or not Syracuse should leave the Big East and step down a level to play weaker schools. Teams that were on "our level" of competition. Fans were told that Syracuse football was dead and it would take ten years to return the program to any level of respectability.

Then Doug Marrone walked in.

In what took Greg Robinson four years, Doug Marrone has done in 20 weeks (10 wins). Greg Robinson won a total of three Big East games in four seasons. Doug Marrone has won 3 Big East games this year. On the road. And now Doug Marrone can lead Syracuse to something that Greg Robinson couldn't even spell.

Just nine weeks into the season, Syracuse will be looking for that elusive win. The win that will take the Orangemen back to respectability. Sure the win in Tampa against a South Florida team that utterly embarrassed Syracuse every single time they met was respectable. And certainly defeating a top-20 team on the road in Morgantown was great. However, without that seventh win to clinch bowl eligibility, it would have all been window dressing.

Now, just nine weeks into Doug Marrone's second campaign, with four games remaining on the schedule, Syracuse football fans are on the cusp of something that was unfathomable under Greg Robinson.

If you don't have tickets to the game Saturday and you have the means to be there, than you are going to miss the greatest re-birth witnessed by man since people started celebrating Easter! With a win on Saturday, Syracuse fans can finally say it!


Game day art courtesy of Michael Borkowski


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