Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Welcome Everyone! To 'Orange Central'!

Saturday at 12 o'clock the Orangemen will be taking on the Pittsburgh Panthers in the Carrier Dome. This weekend is homecoming for all Orangemen alumni, and a special 50th reunion for the class of 1960. Those of us who keep a watchful eye on University happenings will notice that people around the Hill have been referring to this weekend's events as "Orange Central."

What is "Orange Central", and why aren't we calling it homecoming? I dove deep into the internet to find out the answers.

The place to look was of course syracuse.edu. They explained that "Orange Central offers something for everyone, from sporting events to film premieres to art exhibits." Quick note, they spelt premieres wrong, but I digress. The first thing this makes me think is "wow they are really taking the attention away from the football game. Is Homecoming too closely associated with a football game for our gracious chancellor?" Perhaps we needed a more gender neutral slogan.

'Orange Central' begins on Tuesday and the events are indeed as varied as the website lead us to believe. There's SU Idol to kick things off. I assume that means that a few students will perform karaoke at the Schine Student Center at 7:30PM. Tickets are $3 for students and $7 for general admission. There's a slightly more exciting Battle of the Bands on Thursday night at 8PM at the Schine Underground. There will be prizes and original music.

Additionally on Thursday there will be an "Art of Inclusion" meeting, or discussion group, or panel. Not really sure how they are running that. They will be having a "red-carpet premiere of People Like Me, a documentary about actors with various disabilities working with undergrad drama students at Syracuse. Premiere was spelt correctly this time. I'm not sure how "red-carpet" the premiere is, but if it comes as advertised be on the lookout for Doctor Daryl Gross to be on that red-carpet. The main page for Orange Central describes the "Art of Inclusion" to be "celebrating the inclusive campus." Yeah this one just wreaks of Nancy Cantor's involvement.

Other events during this week long party are the Syracuse International Film Festival, taking place Wednesday through Sunday. Thursday there will be a preview screening of "Session," a psychological thriller which was made in Syracuse and also stars Bar Rafeli. Yup, that Bar Rafeli. No word on if she will be in attendance.

Damon Waynes will be on campus. Max Weinberg will be on campus. Bill Viola and James Bradley will be on campus. Wesley Johnson and Johnny Flynn will be on campus. The Minnesota Timberwolves will be taking on the Detroit Pistons in a NBA preseason showdown at the Carrier Dome Friday night at 7:30. Flynn is unlikely to play due to injury though. Get your tickets at suathletics.com or by calling the Dome box office.

With so many big events happening in and around the Syracuse University campus this week (full list of events here), one might easily forget about the MAIN EVENT taking place this weekend. With all the excitement of an International Film Festival and the 60th anniversary of Hillel at Syracuse University (also featuring a panel discussion which will include none other than Jerry Stiller of Seinfeld fame) one might easily forget about the Football game. Remember that from the start of the article?

Yes, none of us can forget that the Orangemen and Panthers will play at Noon on Saturday and that it is indeed Homecoming weekend, and hardly this concoction of events tied together under the Orange Central moniker. The only thing all these events have in common is that they are completely unrelated to the football game.

What ever happened to homecomings that were dinner, drinks, pep rallies and football games? Thats what the alumni are coming back for. Its important not to lose sight of this as the years roll on. This is the biggest home football game in years for the Orangemen. Coming home 4-1 after a big win in Tampa, Florida, the attention needs to be on the team and getting everyone to the game. Through six weeks of the college football season, our Syracuse Orangemen are alone atop the Conference standings. Let's show the players what the Carrier Dome used to sound like on game day! The alums know what I'm talking about.


Anonymous said...

The university should show some respect to a football program that has come a long way since the robinson era. At least have some interesting events. Honestly, which students and alumni are going to 95% of these events. With the exception of Max Weinberg (which is even questionable for a homecoming event, since he doesn't have any SU ties), these events are terrible. How about we get some of our alumni/faculty to provide some real content? Get Goodwin Cooke to tell some Fidel Castro stories or book Ra Ra Riot or just tell Joe Biden that we're offering free booze. Honestly, this line up is OCC caliber.

Anonymous said...

that being said, i might make some signs and depending on how the game goes, make a statement and leave via Syracuse PD.

Michael Isserlis said...

That sounds like a very familiar scenario. what will the sign say? "dump cantor"? homecoming is homecoming. whats next? changing the team name from orangemen/orangewomen to just orange?

SyracuseIsGodsTeam said...

Nancy Cantor sucks, throw this on top of her laundry list of disgraceful things she has done to this university along with her concrete orange grove that made the quad uglier, her insane bureaucratic regulation of fraternity parties (number of attendees, number of attendees under 21, how much alcohol do you have? -----next thing will be that she'll charge everyone a "social fee" for having a party)

I'm also ready to walk up to Crouse College and spray paint "Cantor Sucks' on each of the 4 slabs of concrete she placed, in her own DIShonor, on the most beautiful part of the campus.

Its stupid, nobody going to homecoming cares about these events. There should be parties, rallies, and debauchery as Alumni return to to their old watering hole for some intoxicated fun and football!