Friday, October 1, 2010

C.J. Fair: The Next Josh Pace?

Freshman C.J. Fair is a very talented forward prospect out of Brewster Academy in New Hampshire. Originally from Baltimore, Maryland I am beginning to detect a lot of similarities between Fair and former Syracuse Orangemen spark plug Josh Pace.

For starters and the most obvious similarity is that both players are natural lefties. Cuse fans will never forget how every opponent knew the left-handed runner in the lane was coming, yet they were unable to stop it. Many referred to the left-handed shot in the lane to be "ugly," but everyone knew it as one word, effective.

Josh Pace stood 6'6" tall and weighed about 190 during his time at on the hill. C.J. Fair comes in an inch taller and 6-10 pounds heavier giving them very close frames on the court. Much like Pace, Fair has very active hands on defense and creates a lot of turnovers. He also attacked the boards at the high school level and cuse fans are hoping to see more of the same out of Fair in college.

Ultimately, Josh Pace will be remembered for being a tremendous role player. Coaches always preach "play within yourself" and Pace exemplified that. describes Pace's game as "if you needed a loose ball pick up, or a key offensive rebound, or a guy to drive the lane, he was often able to deliver." That is exactly the kind of player Jim Boeheim will be looking for coming off the bench this season for the Orangemen.

One area C.J. Fair excels in that Pace couldn't is his shooting ability. Pace wasn't much of a shooter, particularly from the the foul line. Pace shot 50.6% from the foul line during his time at Syracuse and Orangemen fans will surely expect more than that from Fair. C.J. also has a 15-17 foot jumper that Pace never had in his repertoire.

C.J. Fair may grow into a starter and a consistent scorer for the Orangemen in the coming years, but this season Syracuse will need a Josh Pace effort out of Fair off the bench. Much like the role Pace played in the championship season of 2003. If Syracuse was down in the second half and needed a spark, there was Pace and his trusty lefty runner.

Jim Boeheim was asked who he thought the most under appreciated player at Syracuse was during his tenure thus far. His answer? Josh Pace. If Syracuse needs a spark off the bench this season, we will look to C.J. Fair and hopefully, like Pace, he will deliver.

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Anonymous said...

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SyracuseIsGodsTeam said...

Oh you know he's going left everytime, but it doesn't matter!! You can't stop it, The Cuse Oh my GOD!