Sunday, October 31, 2010

If I'm Dreaming, Don't wake me up. Syracuse Football is 6 and 2!

In August if someone asked me what I thought a realistic record for the Orangemen this season would be, I'd have said 7-5. Just enough for bowl eligibility. People would have scoffed. Where would we get these 7 wins? "Well, Syracuse would beat Akron, Colgate and Maine. After that we'd have a good shot at beating Rutgers, Connecticut and Louisville. Maybe if we beat Boston College Syracuse would finish 7-5 and grind out a bowl appearance for the first time since 2004." Some might say that the cuse would be taking a huge step forward to finish 6-6. Not bad for a team that has lost 10 games in a season twice in the last 5 years. Others might say that its a stretch to think that this team could finish 6-6.

Well its about to be November, Syracuse has yet to face any of the Big East schools I thought we would beat and somehow someway, Doug Marrone has steered Syracuse to a 6-2 record. Three wins and one loss in the Big East. Its Sunday morning and its still hard to sit here and type those words and not be completely stunned at the sentence staring back at me.

How did we get here? How is it that Syracuse was able to travel to Tampa and knock off a school that has absolutely dominated the Orangemen in every facet of every game we've played against them since the Bulls joined the Big East in 2005? How exactly did Doug Marrone march the Orangemen into Morgantown and shut out the Mountaineers high flying offense in the second half en route to a shocking 19-14 win over a top 20 team on the road? In what demented reality would Syracuse fans envision the following week we would walk into another teams house and absolutely dismantle the opponent (the Cincinnati Bearcats)? Let's be honest, none of us saw this coming.

I thought Syracuse could get to seven wins this season. However, no one ever expected six of those wins to come like this. Now with four weeks left on the schedule, Syracuse is looking at three home games and a road contest at Rutgers. Anything can happen over these four weeks.

If Syracuse goes 2-2 the Orangemen would finish with an 8-4 record. EIGHT and FOUR! What do those words even mean for a program who's two best years in the last 5 were 4-8?? Is there any argument for ANY other Big East coach to be Coach of the Year? Is there a better Defensive Coordinator in the country than Scott Shafer? One would be hard-pressed to find a D.C. doing more with less.

Now is the time for the fans of the Orangemen to come out of the woodwork. For Syracuse fans to finally leave the storm cellars they have been hiding in since Paul Pasqualoni was fired and see daylight for the first time in nearly six years.

If 34,000 people can go to a basketball game and 8,000 of them aren't even on the same side of the Dome as the court, than I think we can sell out some HOME GAMES!

This team deserves it.


Anonymous said...

I'm completely behind you! I look forward to playing in a bowl game and proving that SU is fucking awesome and it's not just a weak BE. Syracuse is here to stay! I gotta go and photoshop Marrone's head on a portrait of George Washington.

Also, the basketball season "starts" Tuesday vs. Kutztown. Are we going to get a preview of the matchup? Their star forward played Scoop and Jackson in Philly and says he's not afraid.

Michael Isserlis said...

that would be a TREMENDOUS photo shop! you best believe there is going to be a preview of the bball game on tuesday!

I doubt I'll be able to watch the game (maybe espn3?) so the post game report could be slightly limited but definitely expect basketball articles before and after each game.

Michael Isserlis said...

UPDATE: The Syracuse-Kutztown exhibition basketball game will be shown live on SNY at 7PM. So count on a complete post-game wrap up at The Cuse Connection!