Sunday, September 19, 2010

Welcome Everybody to the Ryan Nassib Show!!


Early on it seemed like the Syracuse Orangemen were in for a long night. Maine ran a reverse on the opening kickoff taking it to the Syracuse 31 yard line. Although they didn't score on that drive, Maine did manage to jump out to a 7-0 lead and strike fear in the hearts of cuse fans much like they did last season when they held a 17-13 lead at halftime.

Syracuse would eventually answer back early in the 2nd quarter. I know I knocked Mike Holmes' punt catching abilities after week 1, but now he seems to be in the swing of things. In-fact it was his punt return to open the 2nd quarter that got the entire team going. He cut back across the field at his own 3 yard line and ran the ball all the way down to the Maine 31. One would think he could have kept running all the way to the endzone, however he appeared to slow down and then ultimately stopped himself. Gas tank must have been running low. Next play Nassib found Van Chew at the 1 yard line and after a few run attempts Nassib put the needed touch on the ball to hit Lemon in the corner of the endzone to tie the game 7-7.

It appeared the Orangemen were all fired up at this point and ready to take over this game. However, after bad coverage on the ensuing kickoff and as the penalties began to mount for the Orangemen, Maine scored yet another TD on a play very reminiscent of the play Syracuse beat VTECH on in the Dome in 1998. 14-7 Maine.

Now, as far as that bad coverage is concerned on that kick, it all began when Syracuse took a DELAY OF GAME PENALTY!!! ON THE KICKOFF!! following the Lemon TD. Really Bob Casullo? Delay of game on a kickoff? I can honestly say I don't know the last time I've seen that happen, if ever. Maine returned the ball to mid-field and they appeared to completely shake off the Syracuse TD, retaking the lead.

Syracuse would catch a HUGE break late in the 2nd quarter though. After Derek Session (#6) dropped a sure TD pass where the only thing between him and the endzone were the cheerleaders, SU's D forced a fumble on the next play. Instead of 21-10 Maine, it was Syracuse ball deep in Maine territory.

Fast-forward to 4th down with 30 seconds left and Syracuse is going for it from the 4 yard line. Coach Marrone put his trust in Ryan Nassib and Ryan did not disappoint. After rolling to his right he found TE Jose Cruz at the front pylon for a tremendous touchdown, 17-14 Syracuse at the half!! Who is Jose Cruz you may be asking? He was another Hofstra refugee (and former Akron footballer) and very fittingly dedicated his TD catch to fellow Hofstra transfer Aaron Weaver, who is now out for the season with a torn ACL.

The second half would be all syracuse. The orangemen defense held maine to ZERO points in the second half. Ryan Nassib threw for 3 second half touchdowns, to 3 different receivers. Nassib finished the night 19/28 for 260 yards and FIVE! touchdowns. Zero interceptions. Safe to say Ryan Nassib has arrived! For those of you wondering, five touchdown passes is a single game record for the Orangemen.

The rushing attack didn't show up on this day, as the team combined for 78 yards (65 for Delone Carter). Speaking of Mr. Ohio, he had himself a little bit of history as well. On this night DC3 ran past Jim Brown in the Syracuse All-Time rushing leaders list. Congratulations Mr. Carter!

It wasn't all bagels and lox on this night however. Syracuse also took TEN first half penalties!! TEN! Syracuse would end the night with 14 penalties for 111 yards. Thats an entire football field worth of yardage and an end zone. That is not going to get you any wins in the Big East and if I were HCDM the team would be running for each and every one of those penalties at practice this week.

Now for some game notes:
  • SU defense was easily fooled by any ball fake Maine would show them.
  • Tight Ends had a huge night! Nick Provo 5 catches 85 yards and a TD, Jose Cruz 1 catch for 4 yards and a TD. Way to step up!!
  • The "HEY SONG!" returned to the dome with a full chorus from the SU student section. Points to the student section for breaking out the profanity!
  • Nancy Cantor gave Floyd Little the biggest Hug of the night when he was honored for his Pro Football Hall of Fame induction. She hugs all these SU greats like they are old friends from the neighborhood. Dial it in a little bit lady, this isn't an episode of Maury and thats not your estranged father.
  • I'm not 100% positive but I can say with some confidence that Michael Hay (#74) is the weakest link on the Offensive Line. Constantly beat by his man and slow as all hell.
  • #49 Adam Harris was a ball of fire when he got in the game at fullback.
  • If you didn't know (#4) Malcolm Cater's name before tonight, you sure as hell do now! His intensity was unmatched and he's an absolute BEAST out of riverhead, ny.
  • Rob Moore has done just a TREMENDOUS job with the receivers this year. Their improvement is tenfold from last season.
  • Attendance tonight was 37,758. Unfortunately many fans left early in the 4th quarter with syracuse up big. I was surprised so many fans started filing out early, especially when they've seen nothing but losses over the years you would have thought they'd want to sit around and see syracuse actually whoop up on a team!
Up next on the schedule is Colgate in the Dome, 3:30. The game will be on ESPN3. Syracuse will look to push their record to 3-1 before entering conference play. LETS GO ORANGEMEN!!!

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TheRivMan said...

Nice write up. I was moving in all day yesterday and didn't get a chance to watch. I was worried early on when my iPhone started going off with Maine scoring, but we pulled it out. Still can't get too excited about this team until we put up that elusive "signature win".

Michael Isserlis said...

i'm not excited that we beat maine. and I'm definitely not excited about the 1st quarter. but damn it i'm excited by ryan nassib's 5 tds and 0 ints. thats impressive no matter who its against. hopefully we can replicate it in 2 weeks v. USF. its not like we have been beating up on teams the last 5 years. even the weaker opponents have given us fits! Hell, akron beat us two years ago!

Michael Isserlis said...

oh and i'm very excited about malcolm cater!!!

Anonymous said...

"F*ck 'em up! F*ck 'em up! Go SU! We're gonna kick the Sh!t outta you!"

Well done. Great recap. Nassib! Provo! Cater! That was....ah.