Friday, September 17, 2010

Syracuse v. Maine: 30th Anniversary of the Carrier Dome

Tomorrow night at 7:15pm the Syracuse University Orangemen will be taking on the Black Bears of Maine at the Carrier Dome. The game will be televised live on SNY, so those of us who may have to eat a large family dinner that night (and their families aren't as "dedicated" to the cause as we are) will have to DVR the game and watch on a bit of a tape delay.

Assuming all goes to plan and we can watch the game here's what we can expect: the unexpected.

Last year, the Black Bears came into the dome with a ton of trick plays and goofy stunts. Yes, there were fake punts. Yes, there were onside kicks. Yes, there was a ton of tom foolery. Infact, maine successfully pulled off TWO! fake punts..... AND two! count em TWO! onside kicks!! Will that happen again this year? I'm unsure, but hopefully syracuse won't get fooled again. Bob Casullo, we're looking at you!!

The previous meeting found Maine beating Syracuse in the dome 17-13 at halftime. However, Syracuse's offense prevailed in the 2nd half, winning the game 41-24 behind Delone Carter's "Al Bundy" performance. Yes, that's 4 touchdowns in a single game for you young folks out there.

In 2010, Syracuse enters the game 1-1, coming off a beat-down at the hands of the Washington Huskies. Maine enters the Dome 1-1 as well, after opening their season with a 3-0 loss to Albany. Yes, that's 3-0 and no, its not 1894. In their 2nd game, they managed a more respectable score, a 31-23 victory over Monmouth. You don't know what that school is. I don't know what that school is. Regardless, Syracuse won't just sleepwalk their way to victory, they are going to have to come to play!

By now the reality has set in for Syracuse fans. Aaron Weaver is done for the year. The biggest target for Ryan Nassib will be replaced most likely by junior Marcus Sales. If and when he proves himself not up to the task, we can count on speedy Dorian Graham to replace him as the 3rd wide-out. Hopefully, he will do enough to keep the walk-ons off the field.

As far as the running game for Syracuse is concerned, it will be difficult for Carter to top his 3 rushing TDs (and 1 receiving TD), however his 19 carries for 72 yards could be improved. I'm going to look for Antwon Bailey to get more involved in the offense this week as he could be the 3rd receiving option the Orange will desperately need out of the backfield.

Syracuse defense will hopefully stuff the run. The secondary was starting to give me reason to believe up until the second half of the Washington game. That's when their old habits of bad coverage and even worse tackling started to come to the surface. Not to single anyone out, but Da'Mon Merkerson, I'M LOOKING AT YOU! This kid simply can not tackle.

On a softer note, Syracuse University will be celebrating the 30th Anniversary of the Carrier Dome on this night. Speaking of the Dome, the Orangemen haven't won a home opener since 2004. Lets see about changing that, shall we?

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Anonymous said...

Excellent commentary "OH Mike". You are a scholar of Syracuse Athletics.

On a side note, here are some facts on Monmouth University which is located in West Long Branch, NJ:

-Home of WMCX-FM, which was the first media outlet to announce Bob Marley's death

-In 2001 they awarded Jon Bon Jovi an honorary doctorate.

-The student-to-faculty ratio is 15:1

Anonymous said...

Cuse gotta do it up big for the dome's 3-0! Maine sucks.

Anonymous said...

I'm sad that a victory against Maine is not a guarantee, but you're right, they do have to come to play.

P.S. Sorry to all those Monmouth University graduates regarding Bon Jovi's honorary doctorate. That's a slap in the face.

SyracuseIsGodsTeam said...

The notion of winning the home opener after winning our season opener is the sign of a changing tide.

I don't care if its Maine and Akron, Grob would lose to both.

I still maintain optimism even with the Weaver injury, did anyone really expect us to be 2-0? Everyone I know thought a 3-1 start heading into the Big East is a good thing and is certainly at hand starting with the Black Bears.

I hope to see improved offensive line play. If we struggle to hold back the Maines of the world, well then, well lets just leave it at that.

Drew, Your Sister said...

looks great. wish I understood enough about football to follow it, but GO CUSE!!

Michael Isserlis said...

syracuse has got to find a solution to the offensive line. you're right about that. the play has been brutal these next two game are a great chance to work out the kinks..

Unknown said...

What recruiting pipelines has CDM set up? Can SU get in on NJ, MD and the Prep School talent in the northeast? Is the FL pipeline still flowing? Living in Miami all we get is SEC ball and the 'Canes, so you are now my 'Cuse fix (I'll let the SFL alumni association know about the blog too).

Michael Isserlis said...

tom: since HCDM has come to cuse he's had to re-establish the recruiting channels that greg robinson pissed away during his time at cuse. he hired the former head coach from nassau community college to get his foot in the door at all the long island and nyc programs and has done a solid job getting the players who we used to get. when grob was here programs like rutgers usf and uconn emerged in the big east and sort of took our recruits away from areas we are used to getting them. thankfully marrone understand how to recruit for cuse and where to go to get the players. he has gotten coaches from florida and added them to the staff as well to further improve recruiting potential down south and i'm sure we will start to see the fruits of that labor soon. this was his first full recruiting class. good things are still to come!