Thursday, September 23, 2010

Syracuse v. Colgate: Orangemen looking to go 3-1

The Syracuse Orangemen and the Colgate Raiders are no strangers on the gridiron. Syracuse has played Colgate 65 times since 1891 and Colgate actually holds the edge 31-29-5. This may come as a shocker to many young cuse fans, but the old timers know that there was no bigger game than the annual match up versus Colgate. Not even hated Penn State. [Fear not Syracuse fans, as we have won the last 14 meetings.]

Between 1902 and 1961 the teams met every single year except four. Twice it was due to World War. Needless to say, there was some real hatred between the campuses, which are only separated by an hour of pavement (or in the early days of the rivalry dirt road). The Daily Orange has an article in today's paper about the history of the rivalry and it will surely get cuse fans fired up to go over to Colgate's Hamilton, NY campus and cause some mischief. Here's an excerpt from that article:

"Syracuse students once tried to kidnap the entire Colgate band and take them to Thornden Park to scalp every member. The plan was unsuccessful, but it only showed the extremes these schools went to for the purpose of proving superiority over their rival."

There is also a top 10 games veresus Colgate list over at Nunes Magician. Both are absolute reads.

Somewhere along the way Syracuse's football was vaulted in to the upper echelon of college football, and Colgate was left holding the bag of obscurity. In Syracuse's 1959 championship season they beat Colgate 71-0. SEVENTY-ONE TO NOTHING. So really its no surprise two years later Colgate ran away with their tails between their legs afraid of the big bad Orangemen from Syracuse.

They would be heard from again. There was the 1987 meeting when Syracuse beat Colgate 52-6 en route to their 11-0 season and the cowardice of Pat Dye in the Sugar Bowl. The two teams have not met since. Until Saturday. Syracuse will come into the dome sporting a 2-1 record while Colgate is a respectable 1-1.

A look at Colgate's recent opponents finds a familiar school, Monmouth, a victim of the University of Maine and a victim of Colgate as well. Colgate opened their season with a 30-29 victory over the Monmouth Hawks, and then lost to the powerhouse that is the Furman Paladins. A quick glance to find out what exactly the Furman Paladins are tells me that they actually played #13 South Carolina on the road last week and lost a respectable 38-19 football game.

Colgate's QB is a man by the name of Greg Sullivan who is carrying a 17 of 28 for 231 yards and 1 TD 1 INT in 2 games stat line. Their leading rusher goes by the name of Nate Eachus who has 279 yards on the year with 2 TDs. Since Colgate has only played two games that's an average of 139 yards per game for Eachus. Very respectable. The receiver to watch for is Doug Rosnick who has caught 10 balls for 128 yard and a TD.

And then there's the SYRACUSE ORANGEMEN! Syracuse is coming into this game after defeating Maine 38-14 in the Carrier Dome a week ago. Ryan Nassib was the man on that night, throwing 5 touchdown passes and zero interceptions. Orangemen fans will be looking for more of the same out of Nassib and Syracuse can expect their wide receivers to have a big week again.

Colgate's rushing defense has allowed an AVERAGE of 259 yards on the ground in their two games played, so this could be the week that Delone Carter and Antwon Bailey burst out into the open field for some big plays!! DC3 is averaging 82.3 yards per game this year, could this be the week that finally blows him out of the gates?? Many Syracuse fans, including the bloggers over at Otto's Army are asking where Antwon Bailey has been hiding. I have been saying since week 1 that I'd like to see Bailey get the ball more, especially early. Saturday could be a huge rushing day for the Orangemen and I hope that both Bailey and Carter are in on the action!

Syracuse's Defense comes in with the 43rd best Points Against Average in the nation with 19.3. Considering our quality of opponents the last three weeks its good, but not great. Syracuse's biggest weapons on defense are Chandler Jones and Derrell Smith. Then there is last week's emerging star, true freshman Malcolm Cater who should get more snaps this week after he showed tremendous speed and power in last weeks win versus Maine. His new nickname is Cater the Assassinator, by the way. Tell your friends.

If all goes according to plan Saturday, the Syracuse Orangemen will be 3-1 this year. The first time since Coach Pasqualoni lead Syracuse to a 3-1 start in 2003. The game will be televised on ESPN3 and kickoff will be at 3:30. Be sure to check back here for a post-game recap


Anonymous said...

Agreed. This is a great opportunity to flex a little rushing muscle. My money is on DC to really shine. I also look forward to more Nassib/Chew action.

Side note, "the Paladins" were a band of Charlemagne's 12 best warriors.

Anonymous said...

Generally speaking, Furman is not an FCS school you want to schedule. Last Big East opponent appears to be Pitt in 2005 or 2004 - Panthers needed an OT FG to pull out 41-38 win.

Michael Isserlis said...

the furman's nickname just got a whole lot more bad ass. thanks for checkin in anonymous thats some good info..After a little more research I found out that Furman was the first private school to win a division 1-a-a national championship in 1988. it also is the "harvard" of south carolina..

Clint Dempsey from the us soccer team went to furman.

orangetiff said...

i wish i could see footage of the 1987 sounds crazy!!