Monday, September 20, 2010

Syracuse Orangemen Basketball Preview Issue!! Part 1!

The 2009/10 basketball season left us with a lot of great memories we can take with us for a lifetime. Unfortunately, the final memory from the season was a crushing loss. When we last saw the Syracuse Orangemen they were walking off the court in Salt Lake City, Utah after a defeat at the hands of the Butler Bulldogs in the Sweet 16.

There were three subtractions from the team. Wesley Johnson was drafted 4th overall by the Minnesota Orangem.. timberwolves, right. Andy Rautins was taken in the 2nd round by the New York Knicks, and Arinze Onuaku graduated. Whereabouts unknown. This is Syracuse though, and Jim Boeheim
& Co. have a ton of talent coming in to take their places on the Cuse roster.

First, a look at who is back:
Syracuse is returning Rick Jackson (sr), Scoop Jardine (jr), Kris Joseph (jr), and Brandon Triche (so) from its nucleus last season. Also coming back for another tour of duty are Mookie Jones (so), James Southerland (so) and DaShonte Riley (so).

Last season Rick Jackson averaged 9.7pts and 7 boards per game. He's shown improvement each year in a cuse uniform and this year should be no different. As one of two returning starters he will be getting major minutes and be a forward that syracuse's back line will rely heavily on in their trusted 2-3 zone. He scored in double digits 17 times last season and we will need to see more of the same this season from Action

Brandon Triche, syracuse's other returning starter earned Big East All-Rookie Team honors at the end of the season. After averaging 8.1 points per game and 2.8 assists per game in 21.3minutes of action, he will have to work even harder to stay ahead of Scoop Jardine at the starting spot.

Junior Scoop Jardine, National Sixth Man of the Year, as voted by the Sporting News, is coming off a year where he averaged 9.1points and 4.3 assists per game. In six of the final seven games Jardine finished in double digit scoring and will be fighting tooth and nail with Triche for the starting point guard position. Scoop went far in his tryout for the USA select team this summer, just missing out on the final 10 man cut. Scoop has been quoted as saying that he expects to start at the point guard spot, with Triche starting at shooting guard.

Also returning and poised for a huge season is Big East Sixth Man of the Year Kris Joseph. KrisJo had a breakout season for the Orangemen in his sophomore campaign, with 10.8ppg and 5.5rpg. He is on literally EVERYONES radar and assistant coach Rob Murphy has already called him a potential lottery pick in next years NBA draft. Personally I expect this to be Joseph's last season in a cuse uniform.

Of the remaining three returning hoopsters, I think James Southerland has the greatest chance to make an impact this season. Mookie Jones has shown the ability to knock down the 3 ball, but he hasn't shown the ability to do anything else effectively and/or consistently. Especially play defense. He has been consistent at pissing off the coaching staff and asking for more minutes though.

James Southerland stands 6'8" tall and has a great outside shot. We didn't see all that much from him last season, and he took the year on the bench in stride. When we did see him on the court The Cuse Connection liked what it saw. He had 10 points in 10 minutes v. Colgate last year and 10 points in 20 minutes versus Maine connecting on 2 of 3 from beyond the arc.

DaShonte Riley returns after logging some major tournament minutes when Arinze Onuaku was lost for the year with a knee injury. He did not score in his 3 tournament appearances, and often times looked very lost on the court. The big 7 footer will have to chalk that up to a learning experience and try to move forward and work hard if he wants to make a big impact this season.

Up next we will take a look at the incoming freshman looking to make a splash this season in Part II!

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Philistine said...

Scoop still hasn't confirmed my friend request... wtf

Michael Isserlis said...

yeah i'm still waiting for my kris joseph friendship.. i dont think it's happening.....

Anonymous said...

lets go orange

TheRivMan said...

Both Scoop and Triche can play in the back court at the same time. And I have to say, no one has been set up for a bigger failure than Kris Joseph. You forget that he has one move to the basket, can't shoot, is a poor rebounder, and doesn't play well in the zone. If he's our go to guy, we're in trouble.

Biz tiff said...

When does Rob Murphy get his own reality television show?!

Kris-Jo will be fine rivman. I'm more worried about scoop playing like Scottie Reynolds and not passing the rock

Michael Isserlis said...

I'm not too concerned about kris joseph having a down year. he's a slasher, he knows how to get to the hoop. he may not have the best jump shot, or may not have had one last season, but he's a year older and that goes a long way. his freshman year he couldn't even dribble and look at the strides he made going into year 2. I'm excited to see his junior season.

Home School Tom said...

Great cuse bball preview Mike, can't wait to see your thoughts on the incoming freshmen. How bout that Fab Mello!

Michael Isserlis said...

HST! thanks for checking in! It's Fab MELO btw, not mello, and the incoming freshman post should be up next week.. i wanna break em up .. keep the fans coming back for more!

Home School Tom said...

my bad bro I should have checked the correct spelling. Though I should have known it would be the same as former cuse superstar car-melo. Looking forward to it bro. Keep um comin.

Anonymous said...

Waiting to see James Southerland play. He reminds me of James Worthy.