Saturday, September 11, 2010

pre-game post. beat washington.

we're hours away from this week's syracuse game and anticipation is running high. personally, i'm sitting watching the florida-south florida game hoping for a big east win. last week the conference gave an overall disappointing showing, but the orangemen of syracuse managed to represent the conference proudly.

rolling into washington with a 1-0 record feels pretty good. syracuse made their mistakes week 1, but they weren't mistakes that you couldn't correct in practice this week. I trust doug marrone addressed it and corrected it. its already been a pretty solid day (I passed wayne gretzky on the street this morning in nyc) and a syracuse victory will really tie the weekend together nicely.

An article on previewing the game this morning said derrell smith lead syracuse in 2007 v. washington with 19 rushing yards. NINETEEN!?!? how can it be that syracuse's leading rusher in a complete game had 19 yards? just that fact alone makes me want notre dame to win even bigger this week v. michigan. and I never root for notre dame.

Jake Locker this. Jake Locker that. Time for syracuse to kick this guy in the teeth. starting with the first play of the game. get in his face and put him on the turf. shake him up. this is going to be a very different syracuse team than the last one washington saw and they wont know what hit them. i hope. jump on them early!

Last week the secondary did a great job holding Akron to only a couple big passes and we are going to need a repeat of that today if cuse wants to win their 2nd west coast game in 13 tries. I am confident syracuse's rushing defense will rise to the occasion. this game will be won or lost by the secondary!

delone carter, we need a big play! I think we're all ready for a 60 yard touchdown run tonight. make it happen.

LETS GO ORANGE!! Rumor has it there will be a lot of syracuse fans there from the website, lets hope they all go home happy.

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