Sunday, September 19, 2010

Jack Cosgrove: The poor man's Jim Boeheim?

Well ladies and gentlemen, Syracuse has done it. They won the home opener, first time since 2004 and if you only watched the 2nd half, one could say that Syracuse totally owned Maine on this night. However since there was a first half as well, and more importantly a first quarter, there were some very nerve racking moments early in the Carrier Dome.

Maine, how did you lose to albany 3-0??? I think we all have to tip our caps to Maine's head coach Jack Cosgrove. From what I can tell he is the Maine equivalent of Jim Boeheim, having graduated from the university and played there as well. This guy can flat out coach. Early on I was questioning whether or not he should be coaching at Syracuse!

There's something about this guy that makes me wonder if he's clinically insane or just a genius. From what I heard since SNY didn't show the start of the game, Maine opened the game with a reverse on the kickoff and took the ball all the way down to the Syracuse 31. Wasn't that the same play that Syracuse called against Florida to open the game years ago, and wasn't it Bob Casullo who called it? How can he get fooled by his own play in his own building!?

Secondly, the second TD of the game for Maine to take a 14-7 lead was the exact same play Syracuse beat Virginia Tech on with the TE delay, christ I thought I saw Steve Brominski rolling out for that pass!! I'll say this for Cosgrove, he was trying to beat us at our own game! I'm surprised he didn't try to run the option!

Thankfully, clearer heads prevailed and Syracuse shut out Maine in the 2nd half rolling to a 38-14 win, a much needed win for the program. I'd say Jack Cosgrove may one day get a big time coaching gig, however since this is his 17th year at the University (between his playing days, assistant coaching days and as a head coach) I'm going to assume he's not going anywhere, much like our local legend Jimmy B.

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