Monday, September 13, 2010

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Well, it all started out so promising. Syracuse got the ball on the opening possession, took it downfield, and grabbed a 7-0 lead on a big 28 yard run from ryan nassib. Surprisingly, syracuse d came out and got us the ball back. SU then added to their lead, a 29 yard field goal from ross krautman. 10-0 orangemen, we're in business!

From there the game took a very different direction than the orange faithful had envisioned from this point. jake locker and the huskies (mainly this dude jermaine kearse who absolutely torched us) rattled off 27 unanswered points.

The real turning point of this game?!? Syracuse down 13-10 with time winding down in the 1st half. Cuse has driven deep into husky territory, has the ball inside the 20 with under 10 seconds left. instead of calling timeout or spiking the ball, ryan nassib scrambles around and throws an incomplete pass with no time left. cuse doesn't even get to try a field goal (krautman missed a fg earlier so I can sort of see why they didnt send him out right away) and what happens to open the 2nd half??? First play from scrimmage Kearse takes a 57 yard touchdown pass from jake locker. just great, 20-10.

The huskies would never look back.

In my pre-game post I said that the cuse will win or lose this game in the secondary. It seemed at times jake locker moved the ball at will through the orange defense. Locker's final line was 22 of 33 passing attempts for 289 yards and 4 touchdowns. Three of those touchdowns were to the aforementioned jermaine kearse. i'm sure that his performance will only further solidify his place atop draft boards.

Another knock against the secondary? tackling, or lack there of. any time a husky receiver got the ball they were running for 30 after the catch. open field tackling was brutal. the corners were soft. syracuse has to get better or we are going to regress to the days of grob..

So, syracuse is 1-1. Heading home. the undefeated season will have to wait for another year. coming up on the syracuse schedule are back to back home games v. maine and colgate. assuming all goes according to plan, syracuse should be 3-1 heading into conference play. the big east has looked beatable. lets just get some momentum going!!

things that need to be worked on :
2. Pass coverage!
3. Open field tackling by the secondary!!!
4. Red-Zone offense.

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Zach Menchini said...

Agreed on the secondary. Also, Prince-Tyson's fumble was not good.